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Itchio says “Failed to create PayPal payment (422)” if I try to pay for it with PayPal. Region Brazil. Anything that can be done?

Great visual and small story that rose some questions! :3

Neat little game! Great camera and physics. 5 stars!

Really beautiful, great!

This was such a cute little game and I loved how pretty it was!

the camera movements are so good!!


Felt like a procedurally generated waste of my time.
I feel sad.

What a great small game <3

I loved your game <3



Thank you! <3

great game

love the boating feel the controls feel great and i would genuinely love to see how you gave this a 2d feel

Thank you! I think that most of that 2D feel is achieved thanks to small camera FOV, so it looks almost orthographic despite that everything is in 3D.

it looks amazing, I'm so curious how you made the shaders!

Thank you! It's mostly just toon shading + typical outline post process + some stuff here and there for additional details.


What else is there to do than drive a boat randomly and read letters ?

The game is really beautiful, the story is nice. I didn't finish it because I felt the gameplay a bit repetitive.

Not much :) My goal was to make it short and simple, glad you enjoyed visuals and story <3

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Great idea !
I wish they were a change in the mood as we find the letters, but I had a nice time playing it :)

(also, I wanted to pay 1$ for it, but paypal returned me a 422 error 🤔)

It seems that I have some issues with paypal, but thank you for your support! <3

Very cool, thank you !

Thank you for playing!


Your game looks spectacular! The color palette, the letters, the cute tiny little boat! I loved the experience I had with this game.

I'm currently working as a English Teacher in Brasil, but I also really love working in games like this one! If you're interested in making it PT BR available please contact me through email or discord. More information here.

Love you <3



Awesome Game! The graphics were great and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thank you for covering it!

an MGM company 



A Red Boat feels very well polished, the visuals are great and consistent, i love the style you got there, the sfx are on point. there is this wobbly frame stutter effect over everything that looks great on the objects and on the ui and text.

Thank you! <3


I really enjoyed playing your game! I believe that the shaders you created are very relaxing and fit well the story. I wonder how the game decides where to spawn the packages. Thank you for this game and don't forget to keep up the good work!

Thank you for kind words!

Package spawning logic is quite simple. Package is spawned roughly in the direction you are currently heading. If you move to far away from it then game spawns it again somewhere in front.

Thank you for replying! I roughly thought the same about the package spawning system while playing the game.

Very good graphic style. I love water shader. Good idea with wood wracks around the packages. They help to find them, it is easier for the eye.

Thank you!

so beauftiful <3

Thank you!


Awesome visuals, loved the style from the boat and the water, I wonder how you made all this. But the game itself is a little bit strange, I could not find many letters, Idk if this was the idea or not


Thank you! My method of spawning packages is a bit borked and it doesn't work well for everyone.

You can "hack it" a bit by constantly swimming roughly in the same direction :)

I really liked the shader, Would love to see ambient fishies and sharks to fill the waters.

Beautiful game!

Thank you. I agree, fish shoals would be cool!

Love the water shader. I think avoiding spot lights from lighthouses and patrol boats while dodging naval mines could make for a fun gameplay mechanic that still fits the tone.

Thank you for playing and suggestions :)

I didn't know how to find the story bits or interpret them. Maybe 3D audio would have helped.

Maybe wondering aimlessly was part of the experience.

However, the visuals and atmosphere are authentic, I love them so much.
I like the game a lot.


Thank you! Audio cues are great idea.


wow this is amazing, good job!


Really loved this experience, a solid piece of work with a beautiful atmosphere!!

Thank you for playing and making video :)

oh this was beautiful. took me a while to handle the wasd controls but im glad i didnt give up. This was so nice and relaxing

Thank you! Glad you overcome clunky controls :)


Good Gravy, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! 

I already know the answer to this is a ridiculous question, but I have to at least try... By any chance do you live in the U.S. if so, are you near or in NJ? 

I have an idea for a game, and this demo shows me that you're the one to make it (seriously, if you only knew what I was talking about... this is like 30-40% of it done already!!!)

well, here's to hoping for a long shot.

Thank you, I live in Europe. Good luck with your idea!

This game truly makes you FEEL like Red Boat 

- IGN 10/10

haha loved the shader you used and the boat controller was done really well the momentum was not frustrating but clunky as if you were reallly driving a small boat if that makes sense haha loved it

story telling was good. it built a world in my head even with such minimal information

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the controls :)


But don´t expect I am going to that execution!

That's smart, thanks! :D


I love games like these! They're so relaxing

Cool! Thank you for this video :)


Hey I loved the graphics! Is it a custom made shader??? How do you call this kind of art?

The artstyle reminds me of the game Sable :) Very pretty

Exactly! Since I played Sable I was wondering how's this art called, because it doesn't look like a simple toon shader


Really nicely done, that boat movement is very good. 

Thank you!


I really adore the boat :D

Thanks! :D


What a pretty game! Very satisfying boat driving. I really enjoyed the gameplay and visuals. While this type of story is not my favourite, it provided good incentive to push forward while avoiding some rocks :)


Thank you, glad you enjoyed <3


this was so very pretty!


Thank you!

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Could you post if any tutorial you followed for the shader?


It would be difficult to break it here briefly, but following any post-processing outline tutorial can give you similar results :)


Thank you!

you've really nailed it

this is the best implementation i've seen to date

most stylisations either suck or feel kinda wrong \ slightly off

Thank you!


Very beautiful on the outside and very beautifully written.


Thank you <3


Was a really fun and relaxing game with a wonderful story! It was very enthralling and intriguing to find more of what happened in the story and the relaxing sounds and the fun physics really made everything super great


Thank you! I enjoyed your video quite a lot :)

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