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oh this was beautiful. took me a while to handle the wasd controls but im glad i didnt give up. This was so nice and relaxing

Good Gravy, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! 

I already know the answer to this is a ridiculous question, but I have to at least try... By any chance do you live in the U.S. if so, are you near or in NJ? 

I have an idea for a game, and this demo shows me that you're the one to make it (seriously, if you only knew what I was talking about... this is like 30-40% of it done already!!!)

well, here's to hoping for a long shot.

This game truly makes you FEEL like Red Boat 

- IGN 10/10

haha loved the shader you used and the boat controller was done really well the momentum was not frustrating but clunky as if you were reallly driving a small boat if that makes sense haha loved it

story telling was good. it built a world in my head even with such minimal information


But don´t expect I am going to that execution!


I love games like these! They're so relaxing


Hey I loved the graphics! Is it a custom made shader??? How do you call this kind of art?

The artstyle reminds me of the game Sable :) Very pretty

Exactly! Since I played Sable I was wondering how's this art called, because it doesn't look like a simple toon shader


Really nicely done, that boat movement is very good. 

Thank you!


I really adore the boat :D

Thanks! :D


What a pretty game! Very satisfying boat driving. I really enjoyed the gameplay and visuals. While this type of story is not my favourite, it provided good incentive to push forward while avoiding some rocks :)


Thank you, glad you enjoyed <3


this was so very pretty!


Thank you!

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Could you post if any tutorial you followed for the shader?


It would be difficult to break it here briefly, but following any post-processing outline tutorial can give you similar results :)


Thank you!

you've really nailed it

this is the best implementation i've seen to date

most stylisations either suck or feel kinda wrong \ slightly off

Thank you!


Very beautiful on the outside and very beautifully written.


Thank you <3


Was a really fun and relaxing game with a wonderful story! It was very enthralling and intriguing to find more of what happened in the story and the relaxing sounds and the fun physics really made everything super great


Thank you! I enjoyed your video quite a lot :)


hweewewewewe bvrroooom nyyeowww *crashes into all the rocks*


This is the way :)

I can't play it for some reason.

Ohh, you can try downloadable version if you are using Windows.


I'll try

100 game

Thanks :)

Time for boating.


Thanks for making a video :)

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Aww I love this game, it's so simple but cute! I'd love to know more about it and see more! And maybe someway of knowing where to go from letter to letter? I found myself often worried "Did I miss one?" "Is that one!?" "I feel like I missed one". So a counter of how many or such?

Other than that, the style I've never seen before! I've never seen a game use such a beautiful style, it feels like the sea is pulling you and the sounds are top tier! Keep up the amazing work! I hope you keep working on this! I'm following!!! 10/10 Will replay

Thank you very much for these kind words! :)

(a little spoiler ahead) - it's coded in a way that you can't miss a package, but my goal was to give a bit of that feeling that you are discovering this short story by getting just tiny pieces of it.

i loved arts

Thank you for making this video :)

Nice game and world building! I got immersed and wanted to find out more about the characters as I played along. Here's some feedback that I thought maybe could be applied to another project if not a later update:

- I found myself not quite trusting the game to deliver packages at the right times, because I was aimlessly going around in any direction. At first it was nice controlling the boat, but when I realized there is no point, I just kept the same direction pressed and it was far less enjoyable.

- I feel like a bit of level design could have helped make it feel that I am the one finding the packages, rather than the game delivering them to me at random, altho the pacing felt right. Perhaps keeping the map along the coast would have made more sense - there would be a clearer sense of direction and there would be no question as to why there are more packages in a certain direction, plus there would also be a reason to control the boat around obstacles. It would also be an aid to the storytelling in that we are going North or East or whatever. As it stands, it is just random and it's easy to see through the procedural generation - while a coastline would help suspend the disbelief in favor of the story.

- This is a pure matter of artistic decision making but I would have totally expected to be blown up by enemy aircraft by the end of the game.

Anyway thanks for the wonderful little game! 

Best wishes, H.

Thank you for this feedback!

The goal of this project was to make it quite simple so I could finish and release it without spiraling into perfectionism - that's why there are plenty shortcomings that you described.

I like all your suggestions... maybe except the blowing up one, but I admire bold artistic vision! :D


Although the pieces of broken ships and Floating box with a letter announced the sad ending at the start of the game,I still wanna continue to play it to find more message about the story behind.I really love its art style and the atmosphere which is full of warmth and a little sorrow.

Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed the vibe :)

I love the art style and the driving physics. I love how the game had little context and you have to find letters to piece together the story. I do think the world is a little bit boring because it only had rocks and pieces of fences. I expected to find maybe enemy ship wrecks or other things to interact with but never did. I get that this is a more story heavy game but it won't hurt to have more content that just driving a boat around collecting letter. overall this game is awesome!

Thank you for kind words! I have to admit that this world is a bit "shallow", but it's just that I wanted to keep it simple, small and short.

By making it that way I was able to finish it without getting caught into the overscope of adding more and more stuff  instead of releasing the game :)

lol i feel you

Does  a great job wanting you to find "one more package" before you close out.  Good atmosphere and consistent art.  Felt like sailing through a painting.

Good work.


Thank you! <3

I love the visual style of this. Such a nice shader effect and having an extremely limited color palette works really well here. Just driving around the boat also just felt very satisfying and a lot less confusing than I expected at first.

I feel like the storytelling was a little pale in comparison. Spoler Warning for the following paragraph.

It wasn't really clear to me at all what was my agency in the story for a long time and when it was finally revealed, the first thing I thought was "how on earth did the parcels survive being subjected to the ocean for so long?". Which might just mean I'm a bit of a killjoy, but I thought that was a bit too much of a stretch. Also, some plot points seemed to not really go anywhere, or maybe I just didn't quite get them.

Also, I'm not exactly sure how parcel spawning works, but it seems like something buggy happened the first time I played this, where I just couldn't find any more parcels after the first one.

Hope this doesn't sound too negative, I really enjoyed this game a lot, great job!

Thank you!

I made the story fairly simple and hazy since I'm quite unexperienced with writing. I didn't want to spend too much time on it too because it's hard to finish a project when you focus too much on certain aspect - I really wanted to publish it as a small toy to spend a few minutes with and relax. Of course I agree it could be better :)

A bit of mechanics spoiler - next parcel is spawned roughly in the direction you are currently heading. If you move to fair away from it it spawns again somewhere in front. It's a simple logic that works most of the time, but it seems that sometimes it can make the search a bit too long.

Thank you for the feedback, glad you liked it despite the shortcomings :)

I think your game is really gorgeous !
i'm a french translator in reconversion, and I'm looking for indie games to localize in french, would you be interested ?
if so, you can write to me :) (I also let you a message on twitter by the way)

Thank you! I'm not looking for a translator at the moment, but I'll keep you in mind. Good luck on your reconversion journey :)

Ok no problem (i didn't tell that i do it for free for now because i still have my old job so I Can allow myself to do somme volunteer work to extend my portfolio si don't hesitate if a volunteer translator interest you!)

I love the style!     

Thank you! :)

Love it so cute! Wish i could find a version in Wallpaper Engine QAQ i feel relax displaying it on desktop

Thank you! Making it quite relaxing was a goal, glad it worked :)


Very lovely art style! Loved the short story too. I also liked the small detail of the tank traps in the water. Nice work!

Thanks you!


An incredibly well crafted game. It takes some real skill to make something so polished and brilliantly self-contained. Really like it.

Thank you for kind words :)


Can i get some advice from you

What kind of advice?

Sorry i didnt reply im kind of busy with my work.Anyways about the advice how can you make 3D games such as a red boat and other games ,im so intrested in creating 3D games


Its Good But You need to create other games for Other devices such as Samsung and Iphone


Thanks, no plans for mobile games for now, but who knows what future will bring.

Appreciate it thanks 


Hey, just thought I'd say

 love what you're doing here. If you ever want to work with a game writer, it would be cool to do a collaboration. Keep doing what you're doing

Thank you, I'll keep you in mind :)

wery relaxing game, good sounds, good graphick

Thank you <3

i really didn't understand the story totally but i enjoyed it so muchhh i love the style and it was very relaxing to go through the waves

Thank you. Story is there just as an excuse to relax, so it worked :)

such a beautiful game, and the story makes you want to know more and more

Thank you! <3

What a beautiful experience, thanks for making it

Thanks! :)

I liked how the story unfolded but what I loved the most was jumping around on the waves and the rocks. The arcade feel of the game in contrast with the theme is cool, at first I tought I would find some ramps and racetracks!. I hope you expand on it!

Thank you!

On Linux (Ubuntu, Chrome) I get a black screen when running the game in the browser. Sounds are there but graphics aren't.
WebGL works fine otherwise (I have an Nvidia RTX 2050 in that machine).

Ohh, thanks for the report, is your browser and graphics driver up to date?

Yes, official Nvidia drivers v515 and latest stable Chrome package for Ubuntu.

No idea why it doesn't work honestly. I will try to make an experimental downloadable Linux version in the future, maybe it will work.


What a beauty. The shading is wonderful.

Reminds me of the European comics I grew up with. Jean Giraud (Moebius),  Milo Manara ...

Are you publishing those shaders maybe on GH? :)


Thank you! No plans for sharing it for now since it would require too much work to make it usable for other people, but I'm considering it :)

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